Police Fatally Shoots Inmate to Death in Cape Mount

An officer of the Police Support Unit or PSU on massive manhunt for prisoners, who remain on the run after escaping jail in Grand Cape Mount County, has allegedly shot and killed an escaped inmate.

Police were recently deployed in the County to re-arrest inmates, who allegedly broke jail at a new correction prison located along the Robertsport, Madina Highway.

Eight of the 37 inmates that escaped prison on October 18, 2018 have been rearrested, while the rest remains at large.

Sources in the County said the inmates used cutlasses to subdue correction officers, before fleeing into the nearby hills.

According to FARBRIC News Grand Cape Mount County Correspondent Titus Wleh, a Policeman, yet to be identified shot and killed one of the escaped inmates in Madina on Saturday, while trying to re-arrest him.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter has confirmed the report, but said the officer acted in self-defense.

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