COCUBOMB Wants Weah’s Probes Over 25M Infused into the Economy

Concern Citizens United to Bring Back Our Money or COCUBOMB is calling on the independent forensic investigators to seriously consider the infusion of 25 million United States Dollars into the Liberian economy, as part of their investigation.

The ‘Bring Back Our Money’ campaigners also want the rapid and suspicious acquisition of giant-size properties by President George Weah and some high ranking public officials in eight months, after taking office investigated.

Among other things, the pressure group wants a comprehensive audit of the past government and all transactions done so far under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led Government.

The group reiterated the urgency to establish a War and Economic Crime Court in Liberia.

It can be recalled that President Weah in July this year announced an immediate infusion of 25 Million United States Dollars into the economy by the Central Bank to mop up the excess liquidity of Liberian dollars.

The Liberian leader said the measure is aimed at remedying the current harsh economic situation fueled by steep rise in the exchange rate between the Liberian and United States dollars.

But COCUBOMB in a statement issued in Monrovia on Monday, October 15, 2018, alleged that President Weah has been insincere, inconsistent and incoherent in managing what it refers to as, national emergency that has unintended, socio-economic and political consequences.

The movement further disclosed that it does not trust key functionaries of the Weah led government because of their conflicting accounts on the alleged missing 16 billion Liberian Dollars.

Against these backdrop,  the ‘Bring Back Our Money’ campaigners encouraged the international community to only hire international forensic financial firms that have no link or interest in Liberia.

COCUBOMB in a press statement extols the international community – US Government, UN, AU, EU, and ECOWAS for standing with the Liberian people in pursuit of public accountability, integrity and transparency.

The pressure group said it remains hopeful of a credible outcome of the ongoing investigation, but said it would appreciate a weekly update from the independent panel of forensic investigators as the process unfolds.

COCUBOMB said this would prevent public suspicious and keep the Liberian populace regularly informed about the veracity of the investigation.

The group in a statement calls on all Liberians to exercise restraint as the international community independently probes the the national mystery to ascertain basic fact.

COCUBOMB further assured the international community that it will do nothing to undermine the peace Liberia currently enjoys.

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