Liberty Party Reacts to Morlu’s Claims, accuses CDC Led Government of Committing Liberia’s Biggest Financial Fraud Ever

Liberty Party has reacted sharply to Mulbah Morlu’s assertion that opposition political party should be a party of interest in the ongoing investigation surrounding the alleged missing 16 billion Liberian Dollars; accusing the Coalition for Democratic Change led Government of committing what it calls, the biggest financial fraud in the Country’s history.

CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu told journalists in Nimba County early this month that the Presidential Investigation Team needs to probe Liberty Party to provide an explanation on where it got money from to purchase fleets of vehicles it used during the 2017 presidential and representative campaign period.

According to Mr. Morlu, Liberty Party purchased 30 brand new pickups at the time the reported missing billions Liberian Dollars were printed and brought them into the country for campaign purposes.

But speaking at a news conference over the weekend, Liberty Party National Chairman Steve Zargo called on Mr. Morlu to visit the suburbs of Monrovia and see the fabulous homes that are being bought by some partisans of CDC, who just less than one year ago were living like indigents.

The Liberty Party wonders how possible is it for LP to have taken portion of the alleged missing billions to buy pickups when it has never exercised any control over the vault of the Central Bank before, neither does Party has any authority to order the printing of banknotes or control the ports of entry.

Senator Zargo said Government’s operatives were trying to confuse the investigation by the utterances of contradicting statements.

The Lofa County Senator said if the CDC Chairman is looking for culprits, he should to turn himself over to the team of international investigators to provide information he has regarding the pickups that he saw conveying money to different locations.

The Lawmaker further reviled that while investigation is ongoing; intelligence has informed him that efforts are underway to backdate records relating to assets owned by some officials of government.

By Trojan Kaizolu


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