Pres. Weah frown at Media wants Journalists investigated over 16 Billion Dollars

President George Weah has said journalists who broke the news about the alleged disappearance of 16-billion Liberian dollars will form part of the ongoing investigation.

President Weah said his Government will ensure that the journalists tell the Country where the money is.

The Liberian Leader blamed the massive ‘Bring Back Our Money’ protest in the streets of Monrovia to the journalists’ reportage.

Journalists Philipbert Brown of the Hot Pepper Newspaper and Rodney Sieh of the FrontPage Africa Newspaper initially reported about the alleged disappearance of nine Billion Liberian Dollars.

Their reportage led to the Ministry of Justice confirming the arrival of container and bags of money in the Country without the knowledge of President Weah.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe also told the Voice of America that the money brought in the Country was in the tone of 16-billion Liberian dollars and that the Government has launched an investigation to known circumstances surrounding the money.

Finance Minister Samuel Tweah has since dismissed the alleged disappearance of 16-billion and also accused Journalists of exaggerating the issue.

Speaking Sunday night at a thanksgiving service upon his return from the UN General Assembly, President Weah said he wonders how 16-billion will go in the thin air when Liberia has only 17-billion in chain.

President George Weah also warned Liberians to desist from protesting on the basis of rumors, but rather on factual information.

President Weah has also frowned on those calling on the International community to impose economic sanction on his Government.

He said those who are calling for economic sanction should direct their call to the past Government that printed the alleged missing money rather them his Government that has not printed a dime.

Commenting on a recent statement made by President Sirleaf on whether the CDC led Government knows the GDP of this Country, President Weah said those who know the Country GDP were in power for 12-years but the Country is still underdeveloped.

Also speaking at the program, Dominion Christian Fellowship Center’s Archbishop Isaac Winker called on President Weah to destroy what he terms as strange alter of corruption in the Country.

Archbishop Winker said the alter has made few groups of people to enjoy the state coffer and majority of the people suffer.

Commenting on the alleged disappearance of nearly 16-billion Liberian dollars, Clergyman said Liberians want a clear understanding of the missing money.

He said President Weah should press on the committee to investigate the matter and made its report as soon as possible.

Archbishop Winker also wants President Weah to put the interest of the Country above friendship and family.

By N. Cyrus Harmon

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