Police investigate Three for Murder in Lofa County

Three men are reported to be in police custody in Lofa County for allegedly shooting to death a Guinean national near the Yealah border in Zorzor District.

The death news of the Guinean identified as Nangbe Mulbah has reportedly brew serious tension among Guineans and Liberians in the District.

The reported tension between citizens of the two countries started after the remains body of Mulbah was discovered in the Makona River.

Mulbah believed to be in his 30s, was reportedly shot to death, while in a fist fight with his fiancée identified as Garmai.

According to FARBRIC News Lofa County Correspondent, Mason Kollie, the men being interrogated by had gone to rescue Garmai from the deceased during the fist-fight, when they allegedly shot and killed Mulbah.

The three men who identities remain unknown allegedly tied the late Mulbah’s body up and threw it in the Makona River along the Liberia-Guinea border to destroy evidence.

Preliminary police investigation established that Mulbah and Garmai were living together as a couple on the Guinean side of the border.

Garmai told police investigators that she returned back to Yealah, on the Liberian side of the border after she grew tired of the relationship.

Garmai further informed police that she received constant threats from the decease that since she was no longer interested in the relationship, he was going to harm her.

FARBRIC News Lofa County Correspondent said the fist fight that led to the death of Nangbe Mulbah engulfed when the deceased attempted to forcefully take his fiancée back to Guinea.


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