Dillon alarms over hike in tuition by private schools

Opposition Liberty Party Vice Chair for Political Affairs, Abraham Darius Dillon has termed as alarming the high fees being charged by private schools across the Country.

Dillon said it’s unfortunate for private schools in the Country to increase their school fees every academic year, without providing the quality of education and environment.

The Liberty Party official said he has observed that most private and faith-based schools in the Country are increasing their fees when in fact they lack libraries, laboratories, and essential textbooks.

He made the comments on Wednesday via mobile phone on our sisterly program the New Dawn.

According to Mr. Dillon, the Ministry of Education inability to regulate schools in the Country was highly responsible for the situation.

He averred that the Ministry of Education (MOE) has and can exercise authority to determine the academic curriculum for all – public and private schools in Liberia.

“Our MOE has and exercises regulatory authority as to when all public and private schools should close and open for the academic year.

“MOE can even exercise authority over whether public and private schools should hold graduation programs or not.

“Interestingly, our MOE seems to be implying that when it comes to hiking tuition and other related school fees, then all its regulatory power ceases to exist, especially over private Schools,” Dillon posted on social media (facebook).

The opposition politician further disclosed that the hike tuition and other fees are affecting parents’ ability to send their children to schools.

“Private schools are left to fix their own fees as they please. When it comes to determining costs of tuition and other related school fees, whether or not the quality of education improves, our MOE goes into slumber.

“I can only think of one reason for this, if not more – CONFLICT of INTEREST,” taught talking Darius Dillon said.

By Jeremiah Sackie

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