Speaker Chambers wants more female participation in ECOWAS Parliament

A week-long ECOWAS delocalized meeting with the Parliament joint Committee on Communication and Information Technology, Education, Science and Culture has concluded in Monrovia.

The meeting, which was held under the Theme: Contribution of ICTs to the Regional Integration Process, Status of Implementation, challenges and prospects of ECOWAS Community Radio and Television Station, brought together high profile ECOWAS members from across the region.

Speaking at the close of the weeklong ECOWAS meeting, House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers emphasized the need for more females to form part of the ECOWAS Parliamentary body.

According to Speaker Chambers, some roles that men are currently occupying in the region should be given to women to ensure they play active and effective roles in the ECOWAS parliament.

Speaker Chambers said women are unique in every gathering and never lose in whatever they do, noting that is time to give women tangible and not intangible.

By: Ida Reeves

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