Speaker Chambers supports restorative Justice over war crimes court

House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers has said he supports restorative Justice over the establishment of war crimes court in Liberia.

Speaker Chambers said restorative Justice which focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large will offer genuine peace and stability in Liberia.

Many Liberians home and abroad have in recent days called for the establishment of war and economic crimes court for the prosecution of warlords in the Country.

The CDC led Government through its Deputy Minister for Public Affairs Eugene Fahgon has said the establishment of war crimes court is not a priority for the Weah’s Government.

Speaking Monday at the start of ECOWAS delocalized parliamentary meeting in Monrovia, Dr. Chambers said Liberia cannot achieve peace in the absent of true reconciliation noting that restorative Justice is the only path to lasting peace and stability in the country.

Prior to his latest called, Dr. Chambers has been one of several Liberians calling of the establishment of such court that would prosecute those who bear the greatest responsibility of Liberia’s 14 years of civil unrest.

Dr. Chambers warned Liberians not to depart from the “Accra Peace Accord” which calls for the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation commission.

By: Aaron Kubahn

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