JFK denies reports of two confirmed Ebola cases

Authorities at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital have denied reports of two confirmed Ebola cases in its facility.

Over the weekend, there was widespread news on social Media (Facebook) that there were two confirmed cases of Ebola at the hospital.

In reaction, authorities at the country biggest referral hospital said the report is irresponsible, terrible and regrettable.

JFK in a press statement said it’s saddened by the damaging propaganda towards the health-care delivery center and warned those spreading such false news to desist, as Ebola poses serious threat to human existence.

Liberians experience of the 2014-2016 deadly Ebola epidemic is still fresh where more than four thousand persons died.

Any news of a new outbreak of the Ebola Virus disease could possibly spread faster among Liberians across the country instilling fears and leaving rooms for prevention.

Recently, medical officials in Neighboring Sierra Leon said a new strain of Ebola Virus was found in an animal.

Meanwhile, JFK has clarified that at no time the Hospital received or diagnosed any suspected cases of Ebola Virus, as it’s being alleged by some unscrupulous individuals on Social media.

According to officials, the fake news of confirmed Ebola cases at JFK is geared to instilling fear and distrust in the facility.




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