Sen. Sherman wants seated Lawmakers to resign before contesting in by-Election

Grand Cape Mount County Senator, Varney Sherman, has introduced a Bill at the Liberian Senate seeking the resignation of sitting Lawmakers before contesting any by-Election.

Senator Sherman said having repeated by-Elections in the face of the harsh Economic reality of the Country is depleting tax-payers resources, thus leading to repeated financial burden.

The Grand Cape Mount County Senator said when passed into law, the Bill will prohibit seated Lawmakers for running for senatorial or Presidential seats.

Senator Sherman said, though he believes it’s the right of Representatives to run for seats in the senate, they must first resign their respective seat in the lower House before contesting.

Senator Sherman’s Bill has been forwarded to the Committee on Judiciary and Good Governance to report in 1 month.

meanwhile, bill seeking the resignation of sitting Lawmakers before contesting in by-Election has been greeted with high level of commendations from the Public.

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