Major Koijee appeals for buses to address Liberia’s transportation problem

Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, has made a passionate plea to the government of South Africa and the City of Tshwane for buses to help tackle Liberia’s transportation problem.

Major Koijee, who is attending this year’s African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum in South Africa also pleaded for a student exchange program between the University of Cape Town, Johannesburg and the University of Liberia.

He used the medium to commend the South African government for granting Liberia a visa waiver under the leadership of President George M. Weah, but appealed for goodwill to be extended to improving the education sector and addressing the deplorable transportation problem in Monrovia.

The Major of Monrovia said his City is faced with lot of vices, ranging from lacks of equipment to collect waste, human resource capacity, low security manpower to enforce the City ordinances, vulnerable to fire disaster and life-threatening diseases, finance and housing.

Koijee said Liberia like many African struggling economies, heavily depend on foreign Aid and pleaded with the Mayor of Tshwane and the government of South Africa to assist the City of Monrovia with Fire trucks and Ambulances to promptly address fire disasters and commute the sick to hospitals.

He averred that World Bank, which provides US$10.5 Million, is the current major donor to the City of Monrovia, with a counterpart funding of US$7 million from the Government of Liberia. Mayor Koijee underscored the need for government to privatize solid waste management in order to alleviating the burden from the City Government.

African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum is a powerful, growing community of Mayor of capital cities across the continent. This year’s forum, hosted in the South African City of Tshwane from June 5-7, brought together 35 capital cities of the 54-nation on the continent.

This year’s Forum places focus on series of challenges faced by cities in Africa, ranging from water and sanitation, climate change, Energy and Transport, Financing and Bank ability, Waste Management and address the need for cities to drive the developmental agenda of their countries.

By Alfred Kollie

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