GAC boss allegedly defy Pres. Weah’s mandate to reduce her salary

A well-placed source has informed FARBRIC News that GAC Auditor General, Yusador Gaye is defying President Weah’s mandate to reduce her salary.

GAC or General Auditing Commission is an autonomous agency that performs audits of all Government agencies and organizations once a year.

The Cabinet, chaired by President George Weah in its second sitting on April 25, 2018, adopted several measures including the reduction or standardizing the salaries of ministers and heads of autonomous agencies.

It was agreed that heads of public corporations or autonomous agencies will make not more than $7,800USD as salary.

The Cabinet also endorsed that: “No longer will any official of government including heads of autonomous agencies make US$ 10,000 or US$ 15,000.

However, five weeks after the austerity measures aimed enhancing the government’s Pro-Poor Agenda was taken, FARBRIC Radio has reliably learned that GAC Auditor General has vowed not to reduce her salary.

Our source said Madam Gaye alleged refusal to reduce her salary, has allegedly resulted to salary delay at agency.

The situation according to our source has caused disenchantment among the employees, who are threatening stage a go-slow action.

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