Orange To Give Away Another New Vehicle

The Management of Orange Liberia has announced that a lucky winner will drive away with the third and final vehicle as part of its ongoing “this is my time” aka “da ma tan” promotion later this week.

“This is my time” is an SMS based quizzing game, which is being implemented in partnership with Orange and Datalink/Harbel Supermarket in a bid to bring joy to hundreds of Liberians across the country. Already, several winners have walked away with thousands of dollars in prizes, but the vehicle, which is the first of three to be awarded over the next three months, is considered the largest ticket item.

A release said customers can enter and participate in the promotion by texting their first name to 334 to enter and thereafter answering simple questions to gain points towards prize items.

Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks told journalists that the quiz questions are kept simple to ensure that the game is more fun than academic.

Said Weeks: “it’s a fun test of basic knowledge, but really the questions are so simple that they are almost impossible to miss because we want our customers to ultimately accumulate points.”

Weeks noted that while correctly answered questions received 20 points, event incorrect questions are rewarded 10 points for the effort.

The Head of Sales & Distribution for Orange Liberia Mr. Isaac Muthama elaborated that winners would come from across the country.

“We want our subscribers to know that no matter where they are in Liberia, we will make sure they get their prizes. If they win the cash prize, we will send it immediately by Orange Money. If they win any of the other prizes, we ensure that it gets to them rapidly,” said Mr. Muthama.

“Thousands of dollars in prizes have already been given away since the competition started and the company says that hundreds of users are participating every day. Orange and Harbel Supermarkets says that the promotion is their way of contributing to the governments ongoing pro-poor agenda and empowering Liberians by bringing daily joy and excitement into their lives. More than US$500,000 in prizes will be given away through the end of the competition in May,” the release said.

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