Liberia experiences gas shortage

Dealers and car owners say petroleum products, especially gasoline and diesel fuel, are in shortage in Monrovia and perhaps other parts of Liberia.

Major gas stations, including TOTAL and LP, have confirmed the shortage.

But the Management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company has denied any shortage of gasoline and diesel fuel on the Liberia market.

The LPRC management would like to inform the public that the information being propagated has no flavor of truth, and therefore wishes to make it clear that there is over 4 million gallons of mixed petroleum products in its shore tanks capable of sufficiently and adequately serving the Liberian Market for over two months. Additionally, there are two petroleum vessels, MT- BW Kestrel and MT Barracuda, respectively berthed at the LPRC Oil jetty and the Conex Terminal near the China Union wharf with over 3 million gallons of mixed products, a release stated.

The management says while it may not know the actual intend of those spreading such falsehood, its team is working along with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to avert any attempt by filling stations or individuals to hoard petroleum products in order to create artificial shortage and a hike in the prices.

LPRC Management requested the public to report any individual/ filling station selling petroleum products above the approved pump price of US$ 3.37 or its Liberian dollar equivalent of LDR 440.00 for gasoline and US$3.44 or its Liberian dollar equivalent of LDR 450.00 for fuel oil.

LPRC assured the general public not to panic as there is enough diesel and gasoline fuel in the country to meet the domestic needs.

Pump attendants, who spoke to Farbric News on Thursday, said they began experiencing shortage nearly weeks ago.

Meanwhile commercial motorcyclists say the shortage and high cost of gasoline is gravely affecting their operations and daily cash flow.

By: Sylvester Choloplay

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