Violent windstorm destroys several homes and two health centers in Lofa County

A violent windstorm has reportedly swept through several parts of Lofa County, destroyed homes and made hundreds homeless.

The reports say Voinjama District is one of the areas badly hit.

Farbric News correspondent, Mason Kollie, said the violent stormed destroyed more than 36 houses, including hospital and clinic, but there has been no report of casualties so far.

The Free Pentecostal Clinic, aprivate health center in Voinjama City was badly affected by thewindstorm that lasted for two days.

Towns in Foya and Kolahun districts were affected as well. Mason Kollie reporting from Voinjama said, most of those displaced by the storm have sought refuge with family members.

Liberia Red Cross says it’s carrying out a survey to know how many people are being affected.

Water shortage hit several towns and villages in the County last month, leaving residents of at least ten towns are in dire need of safe drinking water.

One of the worse affected towns was Zinahlomai, the home town of Lofa County senator, Steve Zargo.

Residents of the provisional capital Voinjama and others affected towns and village had to travel several miles in search of save drinking water.

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