President Weah Makes Additional Appointments in Government

President George Manneh Weah has made additional appointments in government. Those appointed include:

Environmental Protection Agency

Nathaniel Blama                    Executive Director

National Disaster Management Agency  

Henry O. Williams                    Executive Director

Liberia Telecommunication Authority

Ivan Brown        Commissioner for Engineering & Technology (E &T)

Israel Akinsanya    Commissioner for Government and Consumer Affairs

Liberia Refugee Repatriation & Resettlement Commission

Rev. Fetus R. B. Logan                    Executive Director

Ministry of Youth & Sports

Peter S. Bemah                        Deputy Minister/TVET

Isaac Doe                                Deputy Minister/Youth Development

James Toe                               Assistant Minister/Sports

National Housing Authority      

Duannah Siryon                        Managing Director

National AIDS Commission

Theodosius Juahgbe Kolee                Commissioner for Decentralization

Ministry of Agriculture  

Dr. Magarnas    Flomo                    Minister

Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephas     Deputy Minister-Regional Development, Research & Extension

Precious Tetteh                           Assistant Minister/Administration

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Morris Siryon                  Assistant Minister for Commerce & Industry

Liberia Business Registry

Samson Dee     Director

Nora T. Wreh    Deputy Director

Liberia National Fire Service

Bishop Alex Dixon    Director

Gabriel Nmah Sr.    Deputy Director

Ministry of Education

Telma Manston-Nimmo    Assistant Minister, Early Childhood Education

Ministry of Public Works

Joseph P. Todd    Deputy Minister-Administration

Benjamin Bonto    Deputy Minister-Rural Development

Bolton Dennis    Assistant Minister for Community Service

Clarence Wilson    Assistant Minister for Technical Affairs

Jackie A. Bernard    Assistant Minister Feeder Roads

Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation

Musa Konneh    Deputy Managing Director/Operations

Liberia Intellectual Property Office

Theresa S. Thomas     Deputy Director General/Industrial Property

Liberia News Agency

Kwame Weeks    Director General

Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation

Moseray Momoh    Deputy Managing Director/Administration

Center for Agriculture Research Institute (CARI)

Marcus T. Jones    Director General

Liberia Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative

  1. Gabriel Nyenkan Chairman

Liberia Institute of Public Administration

  1. Wa Hne Deputy Director General/Research & Consultancy

National Drugs Service

Boakai Boley    Deputy Director

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gurly T. Gibson    Liberian Ambassador-United States of America

  1. Maxwell Saah Kemayah Deputy Minister/Administration

Liberia Civil Aviation Authority

Bishop J. Allen Kaylee    Chairman-Board

National Port Authority

Richard Divine    Chairman-Board

Rev. Matthew Guah    Member

Forestry Development Authority

Harrison Karnwea                    Chairman/Board

Mittal Steel

Atty. Carmerna Cephas-Yeke    Country Rep.

Religious Advisors to the President

Rev. Emmanuel Nimely

Mother Kebeh Kangar

Grand Bassa County

Janjay Baikpeh    Superintendent

Tubman University

Dr. Wreh Wilson    President

Bong County Technical College

Dr. Roland Massaquoi    President

Local Government Bong County

Anthony Sheriff    Assistant Superintendent/Development

Conteh Yallah    Statutory District Superintendent

Victor Wesseh    Korkoyah Statutory District/County Inspector

Paul A. Sulonteh    Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Jerry Tinnie          Relieving Commissioner

Lucia Herbert      City Mayor, Gbarnga City

Aaron Mulbah       District Commissioner, Fumah District

Daniel Tubman      District Commissioner, Salala District

Milton Varney        District Commissioner, Sanoyea District

Annie Reeves       District Commissioner Yellequelleh District # 2

Daniel O. Dudu     District Commissioner, Suakoko District

David Karjue         District Commissioner, Jorquelleh District #2

Washington Bonnah    District Commissioner, Jorquelleh District #3

Towon Koresiah    District Commissioner, Panta District

Arthur Kpolleh       District Commissioner, Zota District

Mary Kweneh       District Commissioner, Korkoyah District

Joseph Kolleh       District Commissioner, Kpaii District

Dennis Chappy    District Commissioner, Boinsein District

Moses Kellen       District Commissioner, Tokpablee District


Meanwhile, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

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