Senator Teahjay is a criminal – says fellow Sinoe County Lawmakers

Two members of the Sinoe County Legislative Caucus have said their fellow Sinoe Senator, Milton Teahjay, is a criminal and will not work with him.

Senator Joseph Nagbe and Representative Matthew Zarzar backed by other members of the Countys legislative caucus told reporters on Capitol Hill that they will boycott any meeting at which Teahjay is in attendance.

The 14th Judicial Circuit Court in Rivercess County recently handed down a guilty verdict on Teahjay in an economic sabotage and criminal conspiracy case.

The Judge mandated the former Sinoe County Superintendent to pay into government revenue a fine of $50,000 United States Dollars within a nine months period or face arrested.

Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission or LACC has welcomed the ruling of the 14th Judicial Circuit Court of Rivercess County.

It can be recalled that the Third Circuit Court of Sinoe County indicted Senator Teahjay and former Development Superintendent T. McDonald Wlemus for awarding contracts valued over US$764,500 to individuals and companies in total disregard and violation of the PPCCs procedures and processes.

By:Joseph Taryon

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