Rep. Pennue dismisses media reports that Grand Gedeans are coercing Pres. Weah for job

Grand Gedeh County lawmaker, Zoe Pennue has condemned media reports suggesting that citizens of Grand Gedeh are demanding jobs from President Weah.

Grand Gedeans have since 2005 overwhelmingly voted for the CDC, the current ruling Party. Lawmaker Pennue said those reportedly demanding Jobs from the President are enemies of the State and not citizens of Grand Gedeh.

Pennue, representative of the Tchien District in the Legislature, clarified that his people did not vote for the CDC and current President Weah for jobs.

His reaction is in response to a Front Page Africa Newspaper story suggesting that Jeremiah Sokan, who unsuccessfully contested 2017 elections, is allegedly using another son of Grand Gedeh identified as Kelvin Clay to put pressure on President Weah to appoint Grand Gedeans in his government.

Pennue is asking the Executive Mansion to ignore the alleged moves for jobs by Sokan and others.

By: Joseph Taryon

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