LRA Director General accused of illegal dismissals and bad labor practices

A local pro-democracy group is asking President George Weah to dismiss Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) commissioner General, Madam Elfrieda Tamba and her deputies.

Progressive Alliance Movement of Liberia in a statement have accused Madam Tamba and her administration of illegal dismissals and other acts of bad labor practice at the LRA.

The Movement asked President Weah to dismiss her (Elfrieda Tamba) irrespective of her tenure position because her administration’s policies are counter-productive to the government’s pro-poor policy.

A spokesman, Mamadee Keita, quoted by the statement said the group would within 144 hours launch a ‘dismiss Elfrieda Tamba campaign’ if President Weah fails to dismiss her.

In sharp reaction to the group’s statement, LRA communication Officer, D. Kaihenneh Sengbeh, told Farbric News the Progressive Alliance Movement’s claims are baseless and far from the truth.

By: Alfred Kollie

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