Pres. Weah gives ex-government officials two weeks ultimatum

President George Weah has given a two week ultimatum for ex-officials of government who still have in their possession vehicles to turn it over with immediate effect.

The President said his government will be left with no alternative but to go after individual who still have in their possession governments’ vehicles.

According to President Weah there is a need for Liberians to take a new approach if their country must move forward.

The Liberian leader spoke Friday at a thanksgiving service for his safe arrival from a week-long visit to Senegal, Morocco and France.

Meanwhile President Weah has also differed with perceptions that America has contributed immensely to the underdevelopment of Liberia.

The President noted if Liberians had properly utilized the billions of dollars America and other friendly nations have been contributing to the country, the nation would have been developed by now.

He furthered that Liberians did not utilize money intended for development and called on citizens to stop shifting blames on America.

By: Cyrus Harmon

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