Women want man, 45 rearrested for allegedly raping his 11-year old daughter

A judge in Gbarnga, Bong County, has ordered the re-arrest of a 45-year old rape suspect, who has been let out of prison, on claims of insufficient evidence.

Suspect Benjamin Dugan reportedly had sex with his 11-year old daughter several times and warned that he will kill her if she dares tell anyone.

The 11-year old informed health workers at C. B. Dunbar Hospital that she has been repeatedly abused by her father since Christmas Day, last year.

The teenage sex victim further alleged that her father often used lot of grease on her private part to allow him easy penetration.

FARBRIC News correspondent Joseph Titus Yerkeyan in Gbarnga City said women groups in the County are outraged and calling for the suspect immediate arrest.

The case of Dugan having sexual intercourse with his 11-year old daughter came to light on February 8, when the teenager was taken to the C. B. Dunbar Hospital after she felt sick.

Health workers at the Center established that the teenager was chronically infected by sexually transmitted disease and decided to interrogate her to find out who was responsible.

It was then that the 11-year old told them that she has been constantly abused by her 45-year old father in their Sugar Hill Community in Gbarnga.

Bong County Police detachment Commander Fredrick Nappy said suspect Dugan was released on the order of County Attorney, Wilson Nah.

Nappy said while he was out of the County, Attorney Nah instructed the head of the Women and Children Protection Unit to turnover suspect Dugans file to him and release on parole.

Rape is a non-bailable offense under the current Rape Law of Liberia. Those charged with the crime are jailed pending trial, and if convicted, must serve their full term with no parole.

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