Water shortage hits Lofa County

Water shortage has hit several towns and villages in Lofa County.
Sources in the County say wells are drying out and residents of at least ten towns are in dire need of safe drinking water.
One of the worse affected towns is Zinahlomai, the home town of Lofa County senator Steve Zargo.
FARBRIC News Lofa County correspondent said residents of Zinahlomai, located few kilometers from the provisional capital Voinjama and others affected towns and village traveled several miles in search of save drinking water.
Correspondent Mason Kollie said residents spoken to, confirmed that even the nearby creeks were they sometime go to fetch water have all dried up.
Health workers in the county have expressed fear of outbreak of waterborne diseases if nothing is done to arrest the situation, which residents say is worsening by the day.
Senator Zargo has promised to immediately response to the unveiling situation in his county upon his return from the ECOWAS Parliament.

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