Criminals reportedly takeover Paynesville City

Criminals are reportedly roaming the commercial district of Paynesville City, attacking and robbing people of their belongings.

Residents said between 8:00 to 10 O’clock in the evening are dangerous times to be in the street, mainly around the ELWA, GSA and Road intersections.

A man identified as Robert Potter is among the latest victims.

Mr. Robert, who is a resident of Paynesville informed FARBRIC News he was attacked by group of young men at the Duport Road Junction at about 9 PM, on his way from Red Light.

He said the criminals wounded him and made away with his valuables. 

Explaining his ordeal, Robert said he stopped at Duport Road Junction on his way from Red Light to watch a street dance.

The victim of Sunday’s night alleged criminal attack said he was watching the street jam with a group of people when a man walked over to him and asked to use his phone to make a local call.

According to Robert, he told the strange man it last so he wouldn’t give out his pone and aside from that, he never had money in his phone.

He further narrated that when he try to walk away from the unidentified man who was carrying sessor in his hand, the guy blocked him and held his beg.

“When I turned so he crossed before me I turned the other way he blocked so that’s how we started fighting and he and some other guys who also had razor blades and sessors wounded me and took me two phones and 400 Liberian Dollar,” Robert told FARBRIC News reporter Alfred Kollie.

Robert, who is being treated at a nearby clinic, said he was robbed in the midst of the crowd and nobody when to his recue; even though he cry out for help.   

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