Flavour challenges visually impaired children to remain positive about the future

Nigerian International Musical icon, Chenedu Okole alias Flavour Nabanian has challenged visually impaired children at the Christian Association of the Blind or CAB Resource Center to believe in themselves and remain positive about the future.

FlavourNabanian promised continuous engagements with the CAB center and promotion of visually impaired children.

He thanked the Christian Association of the Blind and the Liberia Crusaders for Peace for the warm reception and promised that his engagement with the CAB Resource Center for the Blind was just the beginning.

The Nigerian International Musical Icon is in country to continue his music project with young visually impaired SemahWeifur.

Having met Semah, during his trip to Liberia earlier 2017, Flavour was incredibly touched by the young boy’s plight and determination to live out his dream of performing with his music hero.

Flavour took it one step further and shot the video, for their collaborative single, “Most High” – the final track on his “Ijele, the traveler” album.

Meanwhile, the President of the Christian Association of the Blind has dismissed as unfair and unwarranted, recent waves of criticism against Liberia’s Culture Ambassador JuliEndee.

Mr. Beyan Kota said Ambassador Endee has always done well for arts and culture in Liberia with the promotion of artists and emerging talents regardless of their background.

Mr. Kota described Ambassador Endee as an Embodiment of peace and culture not only in Liberia but the entire African continent.

He wants Madam Endee to remain focused on her call to duty by continuing the promotion of peace and culture and the artistic creation of others.

Mr. Kota was speaking at the Christian Association of the Blind or CAB Resource Center on the RIA Highway during a visit of Nigerian International Musical Icon CheneduOkole alias FlavourNabanian on Tuesday.

According to Mr. Kota, the work of Ambassador Endee has even transcended down to the underprivileged people particularly with the Discovery and linking of SemahWeifur to Flavour.

Speaking earlier, the Executive officer of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace, Amb.Juli Endee thanked Flavour for what he has done for Liberia especially his commitment to helping people with disability.

By: Preston Gayflor

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