Rep. Snowe complains business houses for refusing Liberian Dollars

Bomi County Representative in the Legislature, Edwin Snowe, has written plenary, complaining to the Body of what he says is the alleged willful and unrealistic refusal of some business entities to accept Liberian dollars.

Representative Snowe said the refusal by local business owners of the Liberian Dollars, which is the Country’s legal tender, is unacceptable.

The Bomi County lawmaker made specific reference to APM Terminals and BIVAC.

Hon. Snowe told Legislative reporters immediately after emerging from session that said President Weah’s government has a pro-poor policy and that poor Liberians do not have United States Dollars.

The plenary of the House of Representative has forwarded the communication to the committees on Banking and Currency, Judiciary and Ways, Means and Finance, to report in two weeks.

Snowe has meanwhile said he agrees with President Weah’s recommendation suggesting the removal of the restriction banning white people from becoming citizens of Liberia

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