Liberia Movie Union Expels President Martha Arkosah

Liberia Movie Union’s National Executive Committee has expelled the President of the Union, Martha Arkosah.

The actress and writer made history in 2015, when she became LIMU’s first democratically elected female President.

The Committee in a statement said it expelled Miss Akosa due to gross misconduct and multiple violations of the Union’s constitution.

Internal wrangling in the Movie Union has in recent time stalled its smooth operations.

Eight members of the National Executive Committee adopted the resolution to expel the Union’s President.

Miss Arkosah is accused of appointing individuals to elected positions and failing to conduct a by-election to fill vacant positions.

Miss Arkosah has up to news time not made any public comment on her expulsion from the movie union.

Her letter of expulsion said she committed acts inimical to the growth of the union.

Mr. Henry Johnson had been appointed as Acting President of Union.

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