Cllr. Brumskine allegedly considers major reshuffle in Liberty Party’s leadership

An insider has hinted that partisans of the Liberty Party have put a resistance against an alleged attempt by its political leader, Cllr. Charles Brumskine, to dismiss and replace the Party’s current officials.

The insider, who prefers to remain anonymous, said Cllr. Brumskine has tipped Mr. Darious Dillon, the party’s deputy chairman for political affairs to head the opposition party.

Liberty Party claimed nationwide attention recently when it challenged in court the results of the October 10, 2017 legislative and presidential elections.

Following the Supreme Court ruling in the Liberty Party landmark case against the National Elections Commission or NEC, key officials of LP including Harrison Kanwea, LP’s deputy political leader, Musa Bility campaign CEO, Ben Sanvee, National Chairman and others endorsed the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC of Sen. George Weah.

Such decision taking by the LP Executives triggered tension in the party and the party’s political leader, Cllr. Brumskine has been very uneasy and feels betrayed.

Some partisans say Cllr. Brumskinewill change the entire leadership structure of the party affecting those who crossover at the CDC without his consent.

Contrary to the speculations, Liberty Party Secretary General, Mr. Jacob Smith said such reports are a blatant lie.

Mr. Smith told FARBRIC Radio during the weekend, Liberty Party is governed by a constitution and not even the standard bearer can unilaterally change it.

The LP Secretary General said the party has to go to a convention should there be any plans to restructure or remove any elected official.

Mr. Smith clarified that Cllr. Brumskine does not have any plans to dismiss or replace any official or partisan of the party for their decision to endorse either of the two contenders during last December runoff presidential election.

By: Alfred Kollie

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