More lawmakers back Rep. Chambers in speaker election

A group of elected representatives of both the outgoing ruling Unity Party (UP) and incoming ruling Coalition for Democratic change (CDC), has declared support for Maryland County Pleebo Sodoken District Representative, Dr. Bholfal Chambers, in the pending election for a speaker of the 54th National Legislature
The 54th legislature is set to constitutionally replace the 53rd following last October’s elections.
The positions of speaker and deputy speaker will be contested next week, after the swearing in of newly elected members of the House.
With the latest development, it is now clear that the competition for the prestigious position is between Dr. Chambers and current Deputy Speaker, Hans Bacchue of Grand Bassa County, while Bong County Representative Prince Moye is seeking the deputy speaker position on the CDC/UP collaborating ticket.
Montserrado County District ‘8’ Representative Moses Acarous Gray and Sinoe County Representative, Crayton Duncan, read the proclamation.
Representatives Gray and Duncan said a total of 42 out of 73 lawmakers have affixed their signatures to the document in support of Dr. Chambers and Representative Moye.
By: Trojan Kiazolu

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