Pres. Sirleaf Sets Up Joint Transition Team

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has issued Executive Order No. 91 – establishing the Joint Presidential Transition Team.

According to an executive Mansion release, the Executive Order seeks to establish mechanisms for the proper management and orderly transfer of executive power from one democratically elected President to another democratic President.

President Sirleaf and the President-elect shall be co-chairpersons of the Joint Presidential Transition Team (JPTT) and may designate any member to the team to act in their absence, while the Minister of States for Presidential Affairs shall serve as secretary general.

“Decision of the JPTT shall be made by consensus and any disagreement shall be resolved by the President and President-Elect, acting jointly,” states the executive order.

Fifteen individuals shall be appointed into the JPTT and shall include – the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Minister of Justice, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Finance and Development Planning.

The rest are Central bank of Liberia Governor, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of National Defense Director of the Executive Protection Service and other members to be appointed at the discretion of the incumbent President.

President Sirleaf shall call the first meeting to effectuate the transition, 48 hours after the declaration of the President-elect, the order states.

Amongst other things, the JPTT functions and powers include formulating guidelines and policies to govern the transition, conducting regular security briefing for the President-elect and ensuring lawful steps are taken to promote the transition.

The transitional team will also provide office facilities, logistics, transportation, travel allowance, communication services, daily briefing and benefits for the President-Elect and Vice-President Elect.

The order also states that President Sirleaf shall surrender all assets and office on or before inauguration day.

“Notwithstanding, such officials shall continue to function until the successors have been nominated, confirmed, appointed and commissioned,” the executive order states.

The JPTT shall seize to exist on January 31, 2018.

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