Liberian youths demand justice for black migrants in Libya

Hundreds of angry protesters early Monday morning stormed the Libyan Embassy in Monrovia, demanding the Ambassador to urgently intervene in the inhumane conditions West African migrants, including Liberians, are reportedly experiencing in the North African Country.

An AU official recently disclosed that approximately 400,000 to 700,000 African migrants are living in camps in Libya often under “inhumane” conditions.

The angry protesters, mainly young people, including women, particularly mothers, have in the wake of the disturbing reports, begun mounting pressure on Libyan Ambassador, Mohammed Omar Talbi and the Liberian Government to ensure Liberians are repatriated home.

During the Monday’s protest at the Libyan Embassy near Monrovia, Titus Pakalah, a spokesman said recent videos and photos of mass killings and tortures of mainly black migrants in Libya are troubling.

Responding to the protesters’ statement, Libyan Ambassador Mohammed Omar Talbi, said there is no Central Government in Libya currently and that making an intervention would be challenging

Meanwhile, a Liberian, Franklin Teh, who has just returned from the Arab Nation, told FARBRIC News, life is miserable especially for black migrants in Liberia.

Mr. Teh said he spent more than 14-month behind bars under inhumane treatment and could only return to Liberia after he (Teh) took up Guinean Nationality because there is no Liberian Embassy in Libya.

Mr. Teh said he witnessed fellow blacks sold as salves, tortured and murdered before his very eyes.

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