Civil Society Group Takes Issue With President Sirleaf

A group calling itself Coalition for Justice in Liberia says it is shocked by President Sirleaf’s latest travel to United States amidst the current electoral crisis in the Country.

Reports say President Sirleaf is in the United States to receive an award from the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas.

The Coalition for Justice in a press statement issued here on Sunday called on the international Community to help save Liberia.

The Group said justice and democracy have come under threat in Liberia.

Coalition for Justice also observed that during her nearly 12-year of office, the government has ignored the issue of justice for war crimes victims in Liberia.

An estimated 250 thousand Liberians were killed during the Country’s long years of armed conflict.

CJL said while it appreciates the 12 years of uninterrupted peace, it is concerned that President Sirleaf has not done much to strengthen the foundation of peace and stability Liberia desperately needs.

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