Supreme Court reserves ruling in legal arguments between UP and NEC

The Supreme Court of Liberia has reserved ruling in legal arguments between the National Elections Commission (NEC), the ruling Unity Party and other aggrieved parties.

Lawyers of the ruling Unity Party in a bill of information filed before the High Court on Wednesday, complained that NEC officials have refused to produce classified documents requested for by Co-complainant through a subpoena.

The ruling Unity Party is among aggrieved political parties calling for a rerun of the October 10 legislative and presidential elections on claims of electoral fraud and irregularities.

Farbric News Judicial reporter said Cllr. Musa Dean, a lawyer representing the national electoral commission repeatedly fumbled before the full Bench on why the Commission has refused to produce the Documents being requested by the Unity Party.

The ruling Party is requesting amongst other things, the Final Registration Roll (FRR) for the October 10 elections, copies of addendum to the voter roll made at polling centers nationwide and copies of the worksheet of NEC’s Presiding Officers.

Even though the high court did not name specific date for concluding the case between the ruling UP and NEC, Liberians home and abroad are curious to know the outcome of the case.

In a related development, an executive member of the ruling Unity Party or UP is asking the leadership of the Party to withdraw its complaint of election irregularities and fraud from the National Elections Commission.

Nimba County Representative in the legislature, Worlea Sawah Dona, said the decision to file a complaint of election fraud to NEC was not participatory among all members of Party’s executive committee.

Representative Dona is particularly asking Vice President Joseph Boakai and the Party’s standard bearer to withdraw the case as it was a unilateral decision taken by Chairman Wilmot Paye.

Lawmaker Dona also observed that UP partisans newly elected to the legislature, were not informed of the decision to challenge the results of October 10 polls.

Dona said the Party has shot itself in the leg and stands to gain nothing from the case.

At the same time, Margibi County Senator, Oscar Cooper, has said he is disappointed in political parties challenging the results of the October 10 elections.

Senator Cooper, one of several Liberians that contested the Liberian presidency, said while he supports a due process of the law, the contending parties should abandon their quest for a re-run of the election for the sake of the suffering masses.

Speaking Thursday on the live phone-in program, ‘New Dawn,’ on FARBRIC FM, Senator Cooper said the political impasse is causing excruciating economic hardship amongst the Liberian people.

The Margibi County Senator agreed with national and international election observers that the irregularities that occurred in the elections do not have the magnitude to overturn the results.

By: Joseph Taryon

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