11-Year Old Liberian Begs Politicians For Peace

Eleven-year old Goodwill Ambassador, Israela Tarway, has made a passionate plea to Liberia’s political actors to maintain the peace and stability the country has enjoyed over the years.
Israela said children are the one who suffer most in times of conflict, and urged politicians to think about the children future and find an amicable solution to the current political impasse.
She is at the same time appealing to the international community to ensure the safety of Liberian children amidst the growing political tensions.
Israela, a seven grade student of Spiritan Academy made the statement Thursday, November 16, 2017, when she addressed the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism weekly news conference.
“If anything bad should happen, we the children are the one to suffer the most because our rights will be violated.
“We will be forced into child soldiers, sex slaves, die from hunger and sicknesses,” 11-year old Israela said.
The Goodwill Ambassador further cautioned mothers who are in the habit of adopting children from the rural areas and turn them into breadwinners to refrain from the act.
The young philanthropist is recipient of the 2017 Princess Diana Humanitarian Award. She also runs the Israela Foundation.
Ambassador Israela recently paid a visit to neighboring Sierra Leone, where she adopted three-year old Maratou Kamara, who lost both parents to the mudslide that devastated Free Town in August, this year.
The 11-year old, who already has five underprivileged children in adoption at home, also adopted nine-year old Matilda Jones, who father is hospitalized after losing his family to the mudslide disaster.
Besides meeting with children that survived the mudslide in Free Town, Ambassador Israela also met with Sierra Leone Vice President, Victor Foh, as well as officials of the Gender and Foreign Affairs Ministries. Read more stories on www.farbric.net
NOTE: The Diana Award was established in 1999 to promote a culture that celebrates young people from all sections of society who have made a selfless contribution to society.
By Sylvester Worwee

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