Shortage of classroom teachers hampers learning in Grand Cape Mount County

An official of the ministry of education has said Grand Mount County is in dire need of classroom teachers.

Garwula District education officer, Marbu Golafale, said many Junior and Senior High schools in the County do not have classroom teachers to teach the students, as they prepare for the 2017 /2018 WAT Examinations.

Mr. Golafale told FARBRIC News on Tuesday that science and mathematics instructors in particular, are lacking in the county, most especially in Garwuala District.

Golafale also asserted that Central Government school has not renovated school buildings in the County  for the past 20 years.

Garwuala District Education Officer used the medium to call on central Government to promptly mitigate the appalling education system of Grand Cape Mount County.

Mr. Golafale blamed the inadequacy of teachers in Cape Mount to government recent pension scheme.

By JB Hilton

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