Unknown persons attack Associate Justice Sie-A-Nyene Yuoh’s home

Some unknown persons attacked the home of Sie-A-Nyene Yuoh, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia on Sunday evening, throwing stone into the compound with the intend to cause harm to person living within and as well cause damage to properties.

Justice Yuoh is the wife of Edwin Melvin Snowe, representative of electoral district #6, Montserrado County and representative elect of Bomi County electoral district # 1.

Hon. Snowe is a staunch supporter of Unity Party standard bearer, Vice President Joseph Boakai and also serves as campaign coordinator of the ruling.

The Supreme Court of Liberia condemns in the strongest terms, the attack on the home of Madam Sie-A-Nyene Yuoh.

The Court re-emphasizes that, as provided by law, no Justice of the Supreme Court Bench, nor Judge of subordinate courts, to include courts of records and those not of record, are to engage in political activities.

The High Court said the measure is intended to remain neutral at all times so as to dispense fair and impartial justice should the case arise out of such activities.

This provision of law the Court has been upheld to the letter not only for Justices of the Supreme Court or Judges of subordinate courts throughout the Republic, but to include the entire Judiciary Branch of Government, including judicial staff.

As Liberia begins its transformation from one democratically elected government to another, after 12 years of peace and stability, the Honorable Supreme Court, through the Chief Justice, His Honor Francis S. Korkpor, Sr., has expressed its commitment to performing its constitutional responsibility in this regard by foregoing its normal “Term Break” and remaining opened throughout the electioneering process until a President is duly elected and inaugurated.

This is to avail the Court to all persons or parties participating in these elections to include the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Accordingly, the Supreme Court again emphasizes that its adjudication of elections matters, and all other matters brought before it, is strictly based on a fair, honest and impartial interpretation of the constitution and statutes relevant to the matter being adjudicated as is humanly possible.

Cognizant of the fact that its opinions/rulings on a particular matter may or may not appease a particular party, this Court will never and can never adjudicate a matter brought before it based on the sentiments, desires, whims or caprices of a contending party or the public, but rather based on the fundamental principles of the Liberian Constitution and the relevant statutes controlling.

Therefore, the Court cannot and will not be coerced or intimidated to render a decision in a matter brought before it based on the sentiments of the parties or the public as such will defeat the tenets of justice and erode the very foundation of our democracy.

The Honorable Supreme Court therefore calls on all to guide and protect the rule of law and the fundamental rights of all living within the Republic of Liberia.

The Court commends the leadership, men and women of the Liberia National Police for their swift response to the attack on the home of Madam Justice Yuoh and trusts that the lives and properties of all Liberians will be continuously protected.

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