Liberia Observes World Day against Statelessness

An official Liberia Refugee Repatriation and. Resettlement Commission (LRRRC) has challenged all Liberians, especially parents, to take advantage of the Liberian Government birth registration policy.

Mr. Kojoe Ross, deputy Executive Director of the Liberian Refugee Agency, said all citizens should work with the Government and local stateless partners to ensure every Liberian has a birth certificate.

Mr. Ross made the call in Grand Cape Mount County during the weekend when he served as keynote speaker at programs marking ceremonies in observance of this year’s World Day against Statelessness.

Speaking on the local theme, child Statelessness causes challenges, and prevention, Ross challenged the Liberian Legislature to pass a reform law that would prevent mothers from passing their nationality to their children as it is in the case of fathers.

He said to eliminate laws and practices that deny children of their nationality because of ethnicity; race or religion violates a child’s human rights.

For his part, Bishop Kortu Brown, National Coordinator for the Campaign against Statelessness in Africa, expressed gratitude to partners, including the UNHCR, UNICEF, Church Aid Incorporated and Liberian Government for their support to the campaign against statelessness.

Bishop Brown stated that there are estimated 10 million people stateless worldwide and more than a million in West Africa.

The Pentecostal Prelate noted that stateless individuals denial of their rights impacts not only the individuals concerned but also society as a whole, in particular because excluding an entire sector of the population can lead to social tensions and significantly impair economic and social development.

By: JB Hilton

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