Pres. Sirleaf celebrates 79th birth anniversary

As she Celebrates 79th birth anniversary, a Methodist Bishop, Rev. Dr. Samuel Quire, has said President Sirleaf’s leadership style has significantly helped in transforming Liberia.

Bishop Quire said the President’s style of leadership has taken the Country from ashes to a beacon of hope.

The first United Methodist Bishop said peace, freedom of speech; tolerance and good governance are the leadership legacies of the Liberian Leader.

The Methodist Bishop made the remarks on Sunday during a thanksgiving service in recognition of President Sirleaf’s 79th birth anniversary.

Bishop Quire said Sirleaf, Africa’s first woman head of state, contributed immensely to the growth and development of the Church.

Bishop Quire has in the main time urged eligible voters to vote for Liberia irrespective of their political and tribal affiliation.

He said the November 7 runoff presidential election is crucial to Liberia’s development and one elected must protect and uphold the tenant of good democracy.

In her remarks, President Sirleaf recited Psalm 23rd of the Hold Bible and prayed for God’s continued blessing upon her life.

The Liberian leader said her life has been marred by challenges but God has always worked out things in her favor.

By: Cyrus Harmon

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