MOVEE unveils platform; women and youth empowerment, Security, health and education named

Opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE has said Liberia under its leadership will be a prosperous nation.

MOVEE’s National Chairman, Maxwell Kemayah, told a news conference on Wednesday that the administration of banker turned politician, Dr. Mills Jones, will deliver Liberia from the hands of those he referred to as corrupt government officials.

Mr. Kemayah named women and youth empowerment, Security, health and education among the Party’s top priorities.

The Chairman said a MOVEE led government will focus on adding value to raw materials that create job opportunities for Liberian; encouraging both foreign and domestic investments.

He said the MOVEE, when elected will transition Liberia from dual currencies to a single Liberian Dollar currency.

Mr. Kemayah further asserted that the size of the budget has to be significantly increased to meet the development agendas of Liberians.

By Alfred Kollie

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