Trouble hits PUL, as Concerned Members Demand Vice President Resignation

A group calling itself concerned members of the Press Union of Liberia has issued a statement in Monrovia, asking the Union’s Vice President, Octavin Williams, to resign in 72 hours.

The PUL members said Mr. Williams does not have the moral rectitude to occupy the position.

The Group has also accused Mr. Williams of usurpation functions of the Union’s President, Charles Coffey, by his constant issuance of unilateral statements.

It all started when Williams recently signed a press statement in which he announced that Attorney Lamin Kpagoi had been relieved of his post as acting head of Liberia Media Center or LMC.

Williams alleged unilateral press statement also announced the withdrawal of the PUL from the Deepening Democracy Coalition or DDC, a group of civil society organizations that organized the 2017 presidential debates.

Journalist Edwin Clarke read the concerned PUL members’ statement.

In reaction to groups’ claims, Mr. Williams urged the concerned PUL members to read the Union’s constitution with comprehension, particularly article ‘7’.

The PUL Vice President denied taking unilaterally decisions as it is being claimed by the concerned group.

By Trojan Kiazolu

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