Hunter kills Man 41 in River Gee County

Residents say a hunter has shot and killed a 41-year old man identified and Arvin Geeklay in River Gee County.

The reports say the hunter only identified as Dickson, mistakenly shot Geeklayin his head for a monkey during the early morning hours of Monday, October 2, 2017.

Sources said Dickson reported himself to the local Police after the fatal incident and is currentlyundergoing police investigation.

FARBRIC News, River Gee County Correspondent, Abel Sarty explains from Fish Town that fear has gripped family members and local resident since the incident occurred.

Correspondent Sarty said the latest incident is just one of several shooting cases that have been reportedover the years in River Gee County.

FARBRIC Radio is still following this development.

By Alfred Kollie

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