ECO-Bank-Liberia running into trouble for providing poor services

Customers of ECO Bank-Liberia say it is likely that the Pan African Bank is losing its credibility.

On Thursday, September 28, 2017, scores of customers stormed the bank’s Randall Street headquarters and several local branches demanding management to improve services.

The angry customers told Farbric News that, the Bank among other banking institutions has the poorest customer service.

A reporter that visited the Bank’s 5th Street branch said he saw several hundreds of customers spent long hours waiting in queues to either deposit or withdraw, but could not do normal business because the Bank management said the system was down.

The angry customers said Ecobank does not have sitting capacity for customers and its services fall far below contemporary banking standards.

They (customers) challenged the bank management to quickly address such poor service delivery or risks losing thousands of customers.

Meanwhile, the Bank’s marketing and communications Director, lvy Fairley, who declined to speak on tape, has apologized to the angry customers for the inconvenience.

Miss Fairely blamed the situation on a technical fault, but some of customers said it is an old aged problem at the ECO Bank.

By Nelson Kolleh

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