NHA launches slum upgrading unit project

Deputy Finance and Development Planning Minister, Madam Tanneh Brunson, has said the improvement of Liberia’s housing program relies on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals or the SDGs.

Madam Brunson, deputy finance minister for budget, said Liberia is signatory to the UN approved SDGs and the Africa Agenda of 2063, both of which she noted are intended to improve housing, sanitation and hygiene.

She said as Liberia moves towards a peaceful transition, the achievement of the Country’s housing programs should be a matter of priority to the incoming government.

Deputy Finance Minister Brunson made the remarks on Wednesday, during the official launch of the National Housing Authority slum upgrading unit project.

She said the Liberian Government is committed and prepared to work with other stakeholders in mobilizing funding to achieve the SDGs housing targets.

For his part, National Housing Authority Slum Project Coordinator, Mr. Es-Samir Bropleh said Liberia needs approximately 500-thousand new housing units to become a middle income country by 2030.

By Cyrus Harmon

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