Liberia threatened by Heavy rain until December

Officials from Liberia National Red Cross and National Disaster Management Agency, say the number of persons affected by flooding in Liberia, mainly Margibi County, is likely to increase in the coming days.

Quoting the African Center for Meteorology, the officials said heavy rains across Liberia will continue until December, this year.

Severe flooding in Kakata, Harbel, and Weala and other parts of Margibi County has made hundreds homeless, destroying several homes and personal belongings.

Flooding up to two meters of water, cut off a number of villages and communities along the Farmington River in lower and upper Margibi, with Dolo’s Town and Unification City highly affected.

Some victims have blamed the flooding on the lack of zoning regulation and the construction of structures along the drainage lines, which impedes the flow of water during the rainy reason.

A Red Cross press statement said over 3000 people from approximately 600 households, have been affected by days of rainfall in that part of the country.

The Red Cross has also expressed fear that additional communities could be flooded, cut off, and the number of affected people sharply increase.

Defense Minister, Brownie Samukai, disclosed on Farbric phone-in program, New Dawn on Monday, that the Armed Forces of Liberia has launched a search and rescue operation in the affected area for people trapped in buildings.

Similar flooding in June 2016, affected 15,000 people from 49 communities in Lower Margibi and prevented free-flow of traffic for days, along the Monrovia-Robertsfield Highway.

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