Mills Jones promises improved environment for Marketers

Opposition politician, Dr. Mills Jones, has said he will improve general market conditions, if elected Liberia’s next president.

Dr. Jones, political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE, said market women will graduate from the use of tables to shops and retailers to wholesalers under his regime.

A former executive governor of the Central Bank of Liberia frowned on foreigners, who he said are engaged into both retail and wholesale businesses.

Dr. Jones also said his government will address the problem of inadequate warehouses for marketers by creating storage facilities.

The MOVEE political leader made the remarks Monday, when he visited Goba Chop and Cow field markets in the Red Light communities, as part of his campaign for the presidency.

Dr. Jones further informed the marketers that his government will ensure social security benefit marketers for better livelihood, and not just those in the former sector.

The presidential hopeful support base is said to mainly be in the business community, where his economic empowerment and financial inclusion policies at the Central Bank of Liberia focused.

The former CBL Executive Governor reaffirmed his commitment to marketers and the business community by continuing the microfinance and stimulus initiative, as a means of creating a middle-income nation.

By Preston Gayflor

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