‘Scare tactic’, Koijee Terms Tearing Down of CDC’s Billboards

The Congress for Democratic Change or CDC’s Youth League, has condemned in the strongest terms, the tearing down of its political leader and presidential hopeful, Senator George Weah campaign billboard near Slipway Police Depot.

CDC Youth League Chairman, Jefferson Koijee, said this action on the part of some unscrupulous individuals is intended to provoke CDCians to anger.

Koijee referred to those engaged in the barbaric act as detractors, who have lost grip on the electoral process.

CDC Youth League Chair the act is inhumane and should be condemned by all Liberians, as the country gears up for a violence free election.

“CDC’s inaction in the wake of the development does not in any way mean the Party is weak, but because the Party wants to maintain the peace,” Koijee told a news conference in Monrovia Monday.

Several other political parties and candidates, have complaint of unknown persons tearing down their campaign billboards and fliers across the country.

Meanwhile, the National Election Commission or NEC is calling people in the habit of vandalizing political parties’ campaign materials to stop.

By Alfred Kollie

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