No more beating on students, Education Ministry sounds caveat

An official of the Education Ministry official says any school teacher or administrator found guilty of beating on students, as punishment for wrong doing, will be punished.

Assistant Education Minister, Felicia Doe-Somah, said the Ministry has observed that some school administrators are in violation of what it refers to as, ‘no corporal punishment’.

Madam Doe-Somah disclosed that the Ministry has received several complaints of students been mal- handled by school administrators in the name of punishment.

“We are having serious issue with lots of school administrators, who are going against what the Ministry says – we are saying no ‘corporal punishment’.

“We have had several cases where students are mal-handled in the name of punishing them and beating them.

“But if you are Teacher Pepper, of course it’s going to be difficult for you, because all Teacher Pepper does is to be authoritarian in the classroom and hold his Cain,” the Assistant Minister for Secondary Education said.

Madam Doe-Somah is meanwhile calling on teachers and school administrators in the habit of beating on students to desist from this old age way of instilling discipline.

She has also urged parents and guidance to regularly attend PTA meetings in the interest of their children’s education.

The Assistant Education Ministry further disclosed that first graders (Grade 1) are exempted from sitting for entrance exam, before enrolling at a school.

“There is no entrance exam for Grade One. What we can do with a first grader is to do a placement to test that child to know exactly how to begin working with the child.

“But that test will not prohibit the child from attending the school; to say you failed your entrance exam – so first graders do placement and not entrance,” Madam Doe-Somah clarified.

Meanwhile, the Assist Minister has called on teachers, both public and private, to get their full teaching load.

She said public school teachers are civil servants, and as such, are required to work five-day a week, from morning to evening.

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