“Supreme Court has rendered Code of Conduct meaningless”

MaryLand County Senator, Dan Morais says the Supreme Court has created doubt over the neutrality and function of the high court.

Senator Morais also alleged that the Court is treading on a dangerous path because it has deviated from its legal functions to render fair judgments.

The Maryland County lawmaker comments come in the wake of attacks on the High Court, after it ruled in favor Liberty Party’s vice standard bearer, Harrison Karnwea, who grossly violated the Code of Conduct by not resigning his post as Managing Director of the Forestry Development Authority, two years prior to the 2017 presidential and representative elections.

Part 5.1 of the code of conduct requires presidential appointees desirous of contesting elected positions to resign two years prior to said elections.

Senator Morais also disclosed that the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Code of Conduct has rendered the Law meaningless.

By Joseph Taryon

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