Southeastern stranded, as Tembo Bridge damages.

Residents say a bridge linking Rivercess and Grand Bassa Counties is a death trap for people traveling on what they call heavy vehicles.

The Tempo Bridge, according to the residents, has been in a deplorable state for over two years and is unsafe for vehicles.

Residents say the bridge collapsed Tuesday night but there was on casualties or injuries reported.

Tembo River Bridge separates Grand Bassa and River Cess counties.

County officials are still studying circumstances surrounding the damage but some locals have blamed large logging trucks travelling along that route.

It is reported that this is the third time in six years that the bridge over the Timbo River between Grand Bassa and River Cess has become too damaged for vehicle use.

At the same time, Hundreds of River Gee citizens and some personnel of the National Elections Commission are reportedly stranded across a river that reports say has over flooded its banks.

The reports say two persons recently drowned in the river.

By Alfred Kollie

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