Mother and son died of electrocution in Matadi

An unidentified boy and his mother also unidentified have died of electrocution in the New Matadi Community in Sinkor.

Eyewitnesses said the incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon when the boy touched a high tension electric wire.

The eyewitnesses said the boy’s mother also died on attempting to save her son, who had already been electrocuted.

Earlier this week, a man in his early 30s identified as Junior Gray was also electrocuted in Kpan’s Town Bardnersville Township.

Sources say Junior Gray met his death while escorting a female friend at night when he mistakenly stepped on an uncoated high- tension community current wire (not LEC).

Even though Government-supplied electricity (Liberia Electricity Corporation or LEC) is taking long to reach communities across Monrovia and environs, many believe community current is the surest alternative to getting access to electricity.

There is a government’s policy barring use of uncoated wires in communities but such policy has not been enforced to ensure safety.

Sources say community residents have been meeting to reach a decision on bringing down all naked hanging wires in bardnersville Township. 

By Nelson Kolleh

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