Radio Gganga to benefit modern television station


For the first time in many years, Radio Gbanga in Bong County is expected to benefit from a television station.

Bong County officials in the 53rd national legislature brought in the modern television equipment worth over 38 thousand United States Dollars.

Senators Henry Yallah, Jewel Howard Taylor and Representative George Mulbah said the money came from the District and County development funds of 2014/2015 fiscal budget under the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE).

Radio Gbanga is one of Liberia’s oldest community radio stations situated in the central Liberian county of Bong and has over the years tailored its broadcast through peace, unity, reconciliation and community development.

The three legislators said the television station when installed will improve people’s standard of living especially school going kids in Bong County.

Senators Henry Yallah, Jewel Howard Taylor and Representative George Mulbah furthered that the television station will encourage households to have access to television at home.

The television equipment were purchased and imported through the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment or LACE, the government of Liberia NGO responsible for community engagement and development.

Speaking earlier,LACE Executive Director, Hon. Julius Sele said the television station for Bong County is just one of several development projects LACE is undertaking across the country with funding from the government of Liberia allocated through the national budget.

Hon. Sele said the television equipment is one of 250 subjects LACE is undertaking including roads, bridges, box curvets, markets, schools, clinics, town halls, football fields and capacitating functional structures for effective operation across the country.

By Alfred Kollie

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